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Sei & Inochi Health Education

In this lecture, children and young people learn about where life (Inochi) comes from, how everyone is born to this world and how precious each and every life, including your own, is.
Content can be adjusted to suit the age of audience so that the importance and the mystery of life can be taught from lower school grades.

We would like children and young people to think about how they came to be here with their parents; so we try to arrange the lecture on the parent’s school visit day.
Prior to the lecture, we request the teachers to ask their pupils/students about how they were when they were born and their brief life history up to now. We hope that this will also increase the teacher’s knowledge on the life of individual pupil/student.

We receive much amazing feedback on our lectures, and many express deep emotion and say they have been touched by our speakers.
It is our hope that more and more children and young people are able to experience such time and space to think and learn together about how precious and marvellous our life really is.

(By Midwife: Machiko Henmi)

People who have attended the lecture say…

“ You cannot get back life once it is lost. I would like to value life more” (Pupil)

“ I was very toughed by my child’s comment after the lecture: “thank you for giving birth to me mother” (Parent)

“After the lecture which was held for the students, I really felt that their parents should also listen” (Teacher)

“I re-recognised the importance of giving a hug to my child” (Parent)

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Japan Midwives Association Fukushima prefecture Branch: Kosodate ・Jyosei no Kenkou Shien Centre (Parenting &Women’s Health Support Centre) (Contact: Ishida)