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Kosodate・Jyosei no Kenkou Shien Centre
(Parenting &Women’s Health Support Centre)

We run a telephone support/consultation from Monday to Friday 10 am to 4pm, where you will be able to talk to a midwife about issues related to pregnancy, birth, parenting, puberty, menopause, and infertility.  We also run a free annual or biannual workshop “Josannshi Nanndemo Sodann Kai” where our midwives visit your area to talk about any issues related to parenting and women’s health.  Our speakers can also be booked to visit schools, universities, and other public places. Please contact us if you are interested.

Telephone & Email Consultation by Midwives

Please contact us by either telephone or email if you would like to consult a midwife about your concerns.

Consultation Space

Josannshi Nanndemo Sodan Kai Event (Free of Charge)

In Fukushima prefecture, the third Sunday of November every year is “Parenting Day” and the week preceding and following the parenting day is set to be “Parenting Weeks”.
Therefore, the Fukushima prefecture branch organise midwives to hold “Josannshi Nanndemo Sodan Kai” annually in some district – where people are able to consult midwives about issues related to parenting and women’s health as well as engage in activities free of charge.
In 2011 we held it at Shirakawa district. People who visited the event experienced a Baby Massage session which both parents and the baby enjoyed, and were able to talk about issues related to breastfeeding, parenting, bringing up grandchildren, and women’s health with midwives.
We are looking forward to your visit to the event this year. We will inform you of the date in 2012 as soon as it is decided.

Sei & Inochi Health Education (Visiting lectures by request)

Some municipalities run “Sei & Inochi Health Education” as a part of the “Prevention of Suicide Curriculum” organised by each municipality.
In this lecture, children and young people learn about where life (Inochi) comes from, how everyone is born to this world and how precious each and every life, including your own, is.
If you are interested in holding this lecture, please contact your local midwife or contact our centre.

List of lecturers


Japan Midwives Association Fukushima prefecture Branch: Kosodate ・Jyosei no Kenkou Shien Centre (Parenting &Women’s Health Support Centre) (Contact: Ishida)