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The birth of a child is a great joy and fills us with hope!


However, we know that many of you in Fukushima prefecture are living with great difficulties and full of worries due to East Japan Great Earthquake and the Tepco Nuclear Power Accident.
It is very important that postnatal mothers are able to rest well for their full recovery and for newborns also it is an essential time to be cared for well.
Therefore we feel it is vital for the new mother and her baby in Fukushima to move to a good environment/facility such as our Josanninn (Midwifery clinic), where they will be fully supported in order to feel safe and secure, to start to lead a healthy life.

This project is supported by: Japan Midwives Association, Tokyo Satogaeri Project and Joicef (NGO).

We offer the following services


Our midwives visit pregnant women and postnatal women their newborn babies at their home.

  • Duration: two to seven visits after their return from hospitals and birth centres.
  • Content of the visit: Breastfeeding and parenting advice, bathing the baby etc
  • Cost: Free


It is very common to have troubles during breastfeeding. Please make use of our expertise to solve troubles and have stress-free breastfeeding.

  • Available for: Mothers with a baby up to one year of age
  • Content of the service: Advice on breastfeeding and looking after your breasts.
  • Cost: 500 yen per consultation.


This service is for those who have given birth at hospitals and birth centres. The stay includes meals.

  • Duration: maximum 30 days
  • Content of the stay: Breastfeeding support, bathing the baby, general observation of baby and mother’s health.
  • Cost: 2000 yen per day. There is an additional cost required for other members of the family to stay and eat.
  • Following Josanninn operates this service.
AreaName of JosanninnAddress
Minami aizu chikuNakashima Josanninntajimanaka-cho 3953-1 manamiaizu manamiaizu-gun
Iwaki ChikuCommune Josanninnakayama-cho 20-1 hiratanikawase-aza iwaki-shi
Aizu chikuKarinkan Josanninntenjin-cho 19-7 aizuwakamatsu-shi
Aizu chikuHouse of Aizu Josannshi :Ohisamahanamigaoka 2-10-25 aizuwakamatsu-shi
Kitakata chikuYamada Josanninnmidori-cho 4521 kitakata-shi


Japan Midwives Association Fukushima prefecture Branch: Kosodate ・Jyosei no Kenkou Shien Centre (Parenting &Women’s Health Support Centre) (Contact: Ishida)

Telephone: 080-2821-3212
Fax: 024-563-5015

Feedback from mothers

M.T Mama

Through the midwives visit, even the small worries that I cannot express to anyone else are resolved. When I developed some lumps in my breast, it was painful but the massage really helped to clear the blocked milk duct and made my milk better (quality). I am so grateful as it is so much better to receive regular massage at home in a relaxed environment than it is going to a hospital. I really hope that you can carry on this service because for new mothers, visits by midwives are an essential support.
Also, as mothers tend to stay at home too much, the “mother & child exercise” session is a great opportunity for us to go out, get dressed up a bit, and be able to breathe some fresh air. It is great for lifting our mood. It is also fun to talk to other mothers and be able to see other babies because it is reassuring to realise that your baby is developing normally. Of course, both the Pelvis Exercise and Baby Massage that you have taught us are great, I do it at home and I benefit from both a lot. I really feel your project is amazing so please do continue and spread to other districts too so that you can stay as a great support for all the mothers.

A.O. Mama & nana

I think there are more worries and you enter an emotionally unstable period after leaving the hospital, yet it is so difficult to re-visit the hospital. So it is great that you come to visit; I can get instant advice as well as get a health check and monitor the development of my child, which gives me great reassurance. I really truly appreciate your project.
It provides great support for pregnant women and new mothers so please do continue with it.

Y.N. Mama

I attended all three sessions on “Refresh Exercise” where I have always had a great time. I was very happy meeting other people and making new friends. While I was having conversation with some of the mums who attended the session, one of the mums said that she feels like she could become depressed as she is usually alone with the baby while her husband is at work. I felt it would be very sad if she really become depressed so I decided to hold a meeting at my flat with people who I met in the session, so that we can chat about children and day-to-day things. I cannot invite large numbers due to the size of my flat but I decided to invite few people at a time. It is so difficult to find time to have relaxed conversation when you have a baby. Our first meeting is going to be on Thursday this week.

M.S. Mama

Thank you so much for having me for your Parenting workshop. I really have a great time every time when I attend your workshop. Right now, every mother & child in Fukushima live alone with their worries, and in such circumstances, it is very important that we are able to meet up with midwives regularly who are a great support.
As a first time mother, there are moments when things just get too much when you stay alone at home with your baby. So I think we all feel we would like to have places where you can be “refreshed.” It is also important for the child’s growth. There are so many workshops that you can attend but I like the Baby Massage because it is great for mothers as well as you learn a lot though it. It is also good to learn about nutrition and water safety. Each workshop is great fun and make you want to attend the next one too! The people who are running it always have smiles on their faces making everyone around them feel happy – and I always want to visit places like that!
I would like to feel that I was always smiling with my children throughout their fleeting infancy.
I also feel it is lovely to be able to meet many other mums in the workshops and it is so much fun and lovely that we can then meet again in the next workshop.
I have written a long comment, but I am just telling the truth! Please do continue your work and I would love to continue to attend your workshops too.