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Aid Activity Report

Summary of Hisaiboshi Shien Katudo (Mother& Child Victim Support Project) Activity January 2012 (11/02/2012)

We are making an effort to provide a safe and relaxing environment for pregnant women and mothers & babies (from birth to a year old) living in Fukushima prefecture.

Our January activity report includes 134 support visits to pregnant women and mothers and babies and eight visits to the Midwifery clinic by mothers for breast care. A Total of six mothers and their babies received residential care at the 3 midwifery clinics in the prefecture.
We have been running Kosodate Salon (a parenting workshop) in Iwaki – shi and Souma – shi but we have also started it in Aizuwakamachi – shi also, where total of 88 pairs of mother& child were able to have an enjoyable time over the 7 events.
The content of the activity at Kosodate Salon varies slightly depending on the area however, we usually incorporate baby massage, “refresh exercise” for mothers, and age & stage specific parenting advice.

We also run Bonyu Ikuji Shienn (Breastfeeding support) by midwives visiting the two maternity wards in Iwaki city. Here, over the 6 visits, 20 mothers with her child received support.

Table below shows a summary of activity in January 2012:

MonthMother&Child VisitBreast CarePost-NatalBreastfeeding SupportKosodate SalonBreastfeeding support at the maternity wards.
January 201282 mothers
(134 visits)
8 visits6 mothers6 visits
(20 mothers)
7 events
(88 mothers)
6 visits
(20 mothers)
Total(740 times) (113 times)18 mothers(113 times)34 events
(401 mothers)
33 visits
(84 mothers)

News from Soma midwifery Clinic

“ Refresh Exercise for Mother and Baby” at Shinchi Jidoukan on 23rd of February. (23/02/2012)

We normally have amazing weather on our workshop day but on this day we had torrential rain! (Perhaps because Mama Nohara did not attend for the first time?) Despite the weather, we had seventeen mothers and babies attending the workshop!
We all sweated a lot after exercising to around five tunes, while holding the babies. The mums who attended many sessions were all toned as a result! Every effort counts!
After the mother and baby exercise, the mothers did some stretching, a baby massage session, and a mini study session where we leaned about hand, foot and mouth disease which seems to be on the rise. After some snacks, it was time to go home, but by then the rain had stopped and everyone felt refreshed!


We would like to introduce you to our “Refresh Exercise” staff: From the left - Hayashi, Hirai, Miyahara, Monnma, Nishiyama. We are all 3B exercise trainers. We have two more staff, who are not in the photo (Ishiguro and Toumei). Other than Miyahara who is also a midwife, everyone takes it in turn to join the mothers to have fun.

Our next session is on 15th March at Kawanuma Jidou centre in Soma – we are starting at 10am so please come and join us! Midwives are also welcome!
(by Miyahara)


We are very grateful for all the aid goods sent to us from across the country! (12th Feb 2012)

On 9th of February, we held the Kosodate Salon (a parenting workshop) for older babies, to focus on weaning along as well as other worries that the parents may have at this stage of development.
During the workshop, we were very surprised to see the mothers started gave a “Winnie the Pooh rattling chewing-handkerchief” to their babies as soon as they were upset. This handkerchief was given to everyone from “Akachan Honpo” as a Christmas Present in our December workshop. It is very popular with all the mothers as it is light to carry around, it dries quickly after washing and the babies love it!
We have taken some photos of babies playing with it, as it was adorable.


“Refresh Exercise” for mothers and babies (11th February 2012)

Since July, I have worked for the “Boshi Ikuji Shienn Jigyou” (Mother&Child/Parenting Aid Project), visiting mothers for breastfeeding support and for giving parenting advice. I have found many isolated mothers at home, feeling worried and depressed. They all expressed the desire for friends with babies and to be ‘refreshed’ with other mothers.

So I have started this workshop (luckily I am a midwife as well as a 3B fitness instructor) with other fitness instructors in the Soma District since September. We have two to three workshops per month and so far, we have had thirteen workshops in total. Our workshop program includes “Baby & Mama’s Exercise”, “Mama’s Refresh Exercise”, Baby Massage, “Pelvis Correcting Exercise”, and a study session on the common illnesses & ailments of infants.

“Refresh Exercise” for mothers and babies schedule:
DateStarting timeLocation
23rd February10 amShinchi Jidoukan (Shinchi chou)
15th March10 amKawanuma Chuo Jidou Centre (Souma shi)
22nd March10 amShinchi Jidoukan
Note: The schedule for April is not confirmed.

Please contact us on the number below one week before the workshop you would like to attend.
Let’s exercise together!
You can also contact this number for requesting Home Visits.
Miyahara (mobile): 090 – 6012 - 4181


“Refresh Exercise” for mothers and babies Starts! (15th December 2011)

On Thursday 15th of December at Jidou Centre in Soma shi we held a workshop: “Refresh Exercise” for mothers and babies. 26 mothers with their babies came to this workshop. This workshop started in September 2011 in Soma District and this is the fifth workshop. The number of mothers who attend the workshop has been increasing in every workshop and while giving their baby a massage, we can also see that the mothers are enjoying socialising with each other.
After the baby massage, we had 3B exercise (stretch exercise using elastics and strings) for mothers under the guidance of our instructor.
All mums seem to have refreshed from the inside out after trying this!

We also had a surprise when a midwife dressed as Santa came to bring some presents to the mums. The beautifully wrapped presents were underwear for the babies and also wet-wipes. These were both given as donations.
Everyone was very happy and our workshop was a great success!