Hisai Boshi Shienn Jigyou (Mother & Child Victim Support Project)


We have a free home visit service by midwives for pregnant women who are currently under the care of hospitals and obstetric clinics and for those who have just given birth.
We also provide antenatal residential stays at midwifery clinic and breast care for nursing mothers available at low costs.

Service operation period: from July 2011 until 31st March 2012 Aimed at: Pregnant women. Postnatal women and their babies who live in Fukushima Prefecture. This includes those in refuges.

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Mother&Baby Visit service by midwives.

Our local midwives aim to give warm support to pregnant women, postnatal women and babies who are the victims of the East Japan Great Earthquake and the Tepco Nuclear Power Station Accident, to lessen their worries about labour and parenting.
It is very common to have many worries and to feel uncertain about things after birth, so please do take this opportunity to have a midwife come and visit you.

Cost: Free of charge. However, we ask 500 yen (∼$6) for breast massage
Operation period: From July 2011 until end of March 2012 (This is an estimate).

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Feedback from mothers

M.T Mama

Through the midwives visit, even the small worries that I cannot express to anyone else are resolved. When I developed some lumps in my breast, it was painful but the massage really helped to clear the blocked milk duct and made my milk better (quality).

A.O. Mama & nana

I think there are more worries and you enter an emotionally unstable period after leaving the hospital, yet it is so difficult to re-visit the hospital.

Y.N. Mama

I attended all three sessions on “Refresh Exercise” where I have always had a great time. I was very happy meeting other people and making new friends.

M.S. Mama

Thank you so much for having me for your Parenting workshop. I really have a great time every time when I attend your workshop. Right now, every mother & child in Fukushima live alone with their worries, and in such circumstances, it is very important that we are able to meet up with midwives regularly who are a great support.


Japan Midwives Association Fukushima prefecture Branch: Kosodate ・Jyosei no Kenkou Shien Centre (Parenting &Women’s Health Support Centre) (Contact: Ishida)

Telephone: 080-2821-3212
Fax: 024-563-5015