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Please support for the mothers and the babies in Fukushima.

Even now, the mothers in Fukushima live in worries and fear due to the Earthquakes and the Nuclear Power Station Accident.
Since the disaster, the support network of friends and family that people had has broken down and many mothers are exhausted and worried, which of course influences their babies.

We want to give the best support we can as a midwife to the mothers and children victims in Fukushima!

This is our honest feeling and the reason why we, the members of the Fukushima prefecture Midwives Association have started our free or low cost services such as the home visit services and the parenting workshops. Our projects also include the opening of a midwifery clinic; “The house of Aizu Josannshi : Ohisama”. This clinic is opened in Aizu district, where the level of radiation is relatively low despite it being in Fukushima prefecture. Hence the mothers and the babies are able to rest and recover in a warm homely environment with less worry towards the radiation. They will also receive a 24h care from the midwives and three nutritious meals a day.

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As long as there are mothers and babies in need, we strongly wish to continue our projects.
Your donation is vital for us to continue, please support our projects and through which the mothers and babies in Fukushima.
Thank you very much.

Ways to make your donation

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Please contact Ishida

Telephone Number: 080-2821-3212
Contact hours: 9:30-17:00
We are doing our best to return your queries as soon as possible however, please bear with us for some delay as we are receiving high number of calls.

Your donation will be used for…

Your donation will be used for the aid projects run by Fukushima Midwives Association including;

  1. The running cost of the midwifery clinic: “The house of Aizu Josannshi : Ohisama”.
  2. Postnatal midwifery clinic stay for mothers and babies (including three meals and 24h care during their stay)
  3. Home visits by midwives and parenting consultation (telephone & email)
  4. Holding Kosodate Salon (A parenting workshop run by midwives).


We will send you a receipt by request.
Please send us an email using the email form below with your name, the date of deposit and the amount you have donated. Please also write, “receipt request” on the comment box. We will send you a receipt within a month of receiving your mail.